Darrin Ledford and Raquetta Dotley Elected New Leaders of Chattanooga City Council’

Left: Darrin Ledford, Chair | Right: Raquetta Dotley, Vice Chair

The Chattanooga City Council on Tuesday voted to elect Darrin Ledford, district 4 city councilman, as chair of the body. The City Council also voted to elect Raquetta Dotley, district 7 city councilwoman, as vice-chair. 

Ledford, the East Brainerd councilman, has served as chair of the council’s planning and zoning committee since 2017, as a planning commissioner on the Chattanooga Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission, and as a board member of the Regional Transportation Planning Organization.

As a councilman, Ledford has prioritized operational efficiency, increased public services, and his work on the zoning and planning process. 

“I am overwhelmed by the support and trust my colleagues have placed in me to serve as chair, and I look forward to working alongside vice-chair Dotley and the City Council in continuing to foster communication and relationships as the building blocks of our community,” Ledford said. 

Dotley, the district 7 councilwoman, was elected in 2021 and has quickly become a respected voice on the council through both her service as chair of the Equity and Community Engagement committee, as well as her hard work on behalf of her constituents. 

She represents one of the most diverse districts in Chattanooga, stretching from downtown to Alton Park, and from St. Elmo to East Lake. 

“I deeply appreciate the faith my colleagues have placed in me, and as vice-chair I look forward to representing the amazing residents of district 7, and collaborating at a deeper level with my fellow council members in order to accomplish our urgent work,” Dotley said.

The results of the election were effective immediately on Tuesday night.