Students Walk Out of East Ridge High School Over Arrest and Video


Where were the parents and students when all these laws and policies regarding SRO’s, The Teacher’s Discipline ACT, etc, were being implemented by the state and HCDE? Do all Schools in the HC system have a SRO on Staff? Is there a Teacher and student guide/handbook for students, parents, and teachers regarding this matter? What and where are the afterschool and weekend programs for students and parents to utilize to address these type issues in the public school system? What does the curriculum and instruction and Professional Development look like regarding collaborative efforts to deal with the needs of these 21st century students. 

Where is the evidence-based research regarding the HC school system’s disciplinary approach that has led to the mass incarceration of students of color to prison in Hamilton County? And is it safe to assume this county’s school disciplinary approach is a direct correlation to the joblessness, homelessness, and poverty in Hamilton County, particularly in Chattanooga?

Curious minds want to know.

Audrey Ramsey