Howard Graduate Retires from Marine Corps – 25 years of Service

During retirement ceremony Master Gunnery Sergeant Tyrone Hunt, Jr., is pinned by Major Nate Hart, Force Marine Officer (Contributed Photo)

Wednesday March 30, 2022, Master Gunnery Sergeant Tyrone Hunt, Jr. celebrated his birthday by retiring after 25 years in the United States Marine Corps. Surrounded by family and friends, this joyous occasion was conducted at Coolidge Park in the Walker Pavilion. 

Tyrone is a 1996 graduate of The Howard High School.  In 1997, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and began his journey to forge his own path. Always rooted in family and community, he looks forward to establishing a non-profit organization to teach life skills, provide counseling and mentorship as well as provide scholarships and grants for college and skilled trades certifications for children and young adults in low-income families.  “Sometimes, these kids just need hope and an opportunity.  I get it.  I was no different,” says Hunt. 

The newly retired Master Gunnery Sergeant Hunt added: “The lessons I’ve learned in the communities of Chattanooga, coupled with the skills I have learned as a Marine, have given me a well-rounded viewpoint of what is necessary to take control of challenging circumstances and become a valuable member to your family, community, and society. I look forward to giving back and sharing the skills and lessons I’ve learned.”