Low-cost Dental Center to Open in Chattanooga


Revive Dental will host Open House and Ribbon Cutting on February 23

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.— Revive Dental, a non-profit clinic dedicated to caring for uninsured and underserved patients, is opening a low-cost community dental center in Chattanooga. The first clinic opened in Birmingham in 2011 and has cared for over 35,000 patients.  The founders are pleased to bring this type of care to Chattanooga.

“We are thrilled to be opening our clinic in a few short weeks,” said Dr. Leigh Kuyrkendall, local dentist and president of the Revive Dental Board of Directors. “So many people have been working to make this program a reality, and we are ready to help patients in our community get the care they need. We come across people every day who are struggling with tooth pain, or who lack the confidence to smile, and we want to help with that.”

Revive Dental is a non-profit community clinic dedicated to serving patients with limited access to traditional dental care. The clinic is staffed by local dentists who volunteer to serve others. While services are not free, prices are kept as low as possible, typically 1/3 to 1/2 of typical dental fees. As an example, patients can walk-in for an extraction of a painful tooth for about $65. For patients without dental insurance, this can be a difference maker in their ability to access oral health care.

Located in the heart of the Ridgedale neighborhood at 1212 Dodds Avenue, the clinic has six well-equipped dental operatories, and they provide a wide range of dental services, including cleanings, fillings, extractions, and tooth replacement with dentures. The clinic was made possible through strategic partnerships with area donors,

including Maclellan Foundation, McKenzie Foundation, and Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga.

“Many local nonprofits have cited a need for low-cost dental care in Chattanooga, so we are excited to see this clinic come to our community. I know it will be a valuable resource,” said Tyler Haar, Program Officer for The Maclellan Foundation.

Revive Dental will host an open house and ribbon cutting on Wednesday, February 23 from noon – 2 pm. Members of the Chattanooga community are invited and encouraged to attend. Patients interested in accessing dental services at Revive Dental are encouraged to visit ReviveDental.org or call (423) 206-9641. Walk-ins are also  welcome.