Mayor Tim Kelly announces transition team


Diverse team includes community, business, faith, and nonprofit leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, and proficiencies

Chattanooga, Tenn. — Mayor Tim Kelly on Tuesday announced the formation of his transition team, which will help guide the process of filling positions in Kelly’s mayoral administration.

The transition team will play a critical role in identifying, interviewing, and advising Mayor Kelly on the selection of appointees who will help write Chattanooga’s next chapter.

“I’m excited to announce that we’ve built a transition team that represents every corner of our great city, and I’m ready to get to work assembling a government that mirrors the city it serves.” Kelly said.

The committee includes Angela Garcia, Barry Large, Brent Goldberg, Bryan Johnson, Candy Johnson, Carla Leslie, Charlie Brock, Chris Sands, David Steele, Don Aho, Donna Elle Harrison, Donna McConnico, Dr. Mary Lambert, Edna Varner, Ernest Reid, J. Wayne Cropp, James McKissic, Jefferson Herring, Jelena Butler, Joda Thongnopnua, Kathy Lennon, Keeli Crewe, Kim Shumpert, Kristie Wilder, Lakweshia Ewing, Maeghan Jones, Mark Hite, Melissa Blevins, Monty Bruell, Paul McDaniel, Ron Harr, Scott Wilson, Sean-Paul Kimball, Stacy Lightfoot, Susan Rich, Pastor Ternae Jordan, Sr., Terry Ladd, Daniela Peterson, and Valoria Armstrong.

Charlie Brock, Candy Johnson and Pastor Ternae Jordan, Sr., will serve as co-chairs of the inclusive team, which was designed to be representative of Chattanooga’s residents, in both lived experience and demographics.