Rep. Hakeem Passes Bill To Make Youth Sports Safer

Representative Yusuf Hakeem

Democratic State Representative Yusuf Hakeem of Chattanooga passed a bill Monday night to make youth sports safer for public schools, charter schools, private schools and community organized leagues. The bill will encourage all youth coaches to complete training in physical conditioning and training equipment use to the extent that the training is available. It also requires that an emergency action plan is created and rehearsed. The legislation applies when the activity is conducted on property that is owned, leased, managed, or maintained by the state or a political subdivision of the state.  The measure passed the House unanimously. Representative Hakeem said, “I’m very pleased that we could come together in a bipartisan way with the entire body voting together to help make youth athletics safer.”  The bill will now be heard in the Senate on Thursday, where it is expected to pass.