New Legislation Targets Human Trafficking in Tennessee with TBI’s Support

Antonio Parkinson

Nashville, TN – State Representative Antonio Parkinson has taken a bold step to intensify the fight against human trafficking in Tennessee. A new bill, recently filed by Rep. Parkinson, mandates all adult-oriented businesses in the state to display human trafficking hotline information that would be overseen by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI). The information would be posted at the entrances and in the restrooms of the establishments. This initiative is part of Tennessee’s ongoing efforts to recognize January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month and to strengthen the state’s response to this critical issue.

This proposed legislation (HB1848) is pivotal in raising public awareness and providing immediate access to help for victims. The TBI-operated hotline is a lifeline, offering confidential assistance and support. By ensuring that hotline information is visibly posted in adult-oriented businesses, the bill aims to reach individuals who are most at risk and provide a direct link to the necessary resources.

State Rep. Parkinson, advocating for stronger community protection, remarked, “The horror of human trafficking requires our unwavering attention and action. This bill, with the support of the TBI’s hotline, is a testament to our commitment to eradicate this plight from our state. It empowers victims and the public to take a stand against trafficking.

Tennessee has consistently demonstrated leadership in addressing human trafficking, with comprehensive laws and dedicated initiatives. This bill represents another significant measure in safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all individuals within the state.”

The Memphis Democrat urges his legislative colleagues and the public to back this essential legislation. “With the collective efforts of our communities and the support of the TBI, we can make a meaningful impact. Our unity is our strength in this fight against human trafficking,” Rep. Parkinson added.

For more information, please contact Ken Jobe at or (901) 277-0606.