Doctor Says He Has Developed Clinical Treatment For COVID-19 Patients That Increases Oxygen Levels


Nationwide — Cuthbert Simpkins, MD, is a physician scientist and the founder of Vivacelle Bio, Inc., a U.S. clinical stage biotechnology firm that develops products for critically ill patients. He says that his firm has developed a clinical treatment called VBI-S that helps to increase oxygen levels in COVID-19 patients.

According to Dr. Simpkins, 70% of deaths of COVID-19 patients are due to septic shock. Therefore, his clinical treatment, VBI-S, could rescue lives of COVID patients even when standard treatment has failed by shifting the balance of complex nitric oxide effects toward survival – a new medical therapeutic paradigm.

Dr. Simpkins, whose bio-tech firm is based in Chicago,  comments, “It is fulfilling to serve both as a critical care physician providing direct care to COVID patients and as a scientist whose invention could rescue people who are dying of this disease.”

However, while intravenous infusion of the treatment has demonstrated encouraging preliminary results in a phase IIa clinical study, Dr. Simpkin’s invention is still currently an experimental drug. Details about the clinical trial can be found online at

Here’s what other health experts are saying:

“VBI-S holds the promise of being a compelling and novel technology to address COVID-19 induced sepsis and septic shock, and thus the potential to save numerous lives both in the US and globally.” — Dr. Harven DeShield, CEO of Vivacelle Bio, Inc.

“I am greatly encouraged that Vivacelle Bio through its innovative discoveries has proposed therapeutic solutions for the most critically ill patients. Severe sepsis claims the lives of over 250,000 Americans and 10 million globally each year and now there is a reason to believe that we are closer to significantly decreasing this number.” — Mallory Williams MD, MPH Chief of Trauma and Critical Care and Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Howard University Hospital“We look to partner with physicians and hospitals to make VBI-S rapidly available to treat COVID-19 patients in dire life-threatening condition.” — Mukesh Kumar, PhD, Vivacelle’s Senior VP of Regulatory Affairs