The Salvation Army Launches Beat the Heat to Help People in Need During Hot Summer Days


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (June 15, 2022) — As temperatures reach into the 90s, many are turning to The Salvation Army for relief from the heat. Salvation Army case workers in Chattanooga and Cleveland give out free box fans to low-income individuals and families living in Bradley, Hamilton and Marion counties in Tennessee and in Catoosa, Dade and Walker counties in Georgia. 

Case workers also receive requests for utility assistance from families struggling to keep their utilities on. To help the homeless, The Salvation Army provides water at an outdoor hydrating station at 800 McCallie Ave. In Cleveland at 437 Inman St., water, showers and laundry services are available for homeless neighbors, as well.

“With the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital that we hand out bottled water to our homeless population,” said Major Mark Smith. “We are grateful for all the in-kind support of bottled water that we receive from Chattanooga Coca-Cola Bottling Company United.”  

Currently, The Salvation Army is in need of financial assistance to support Beat The Heat. Elder’s Ace Hardware has extended a special discount to The Salvation Army to assist in the purchase of fans.

“For every $13 donated to The Salvation Army, we can purchase a quality box fan for our families in need. We anticipate needing 300 fans in total.” said Major Mark. “Food City is a major sponsor of our Social Services program. However, we currently need additional monetary support so we can provide utility assistance for low-income families.”

People interested in sending in monetary gifts to help cover the cost of box fans and utility bills can mail in donations to 822 McCallie Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37403 or to 437 Inman Street, Cleveland, TN 37377. Mailed donations should include “Beat the Heat” on the envelope. To give online to contribute to this effort, visit the Beat the Heat giving page. Box fans can also be donated and dropped-off at both of The Salvation Army locations. 

The Salvation Army asks that if you or someone you know needs a fan, please call 423-305-6200 for assistance in Chattanooga and in Cleveland, call 423-308-3467. 

To learn more about The Salvation Army of Greater Chattanooga, please visit or call (423) 756-1023.