Sharing God’s Goodness Giving Circles announces its 2023 Grantees


Sharing God’s Goodness, a kingdom-focused giving circle supporting small ministries in the local African American community, launched in November of 2022. In less than a year, it has granted a total of $85,000 to ten area ministries.

Grassroots efforts generated by pastors and lay leaders from African American Churches make a vital difference because the leaders understand the issues in their neighborhoods. The over 60 members of Sharing God’s Goodness value programs that have historically been part of Christian outreach and generosity in the African American community.

2023 Funded Ministries:

Covenant Keypers, Founders: Gary and Rosalyn Hickman

Promoting Biblical marriage through churches providing marital services to decrease the local divorce rate.

Dress for Success, Executive Director Juanita Ingram

Empowering women to achieve economic independence by providing support, professional attire, and the development tools to thrive in work and life. 

Family Impact, Founders/Directors: Jonathan and Jamie Johnson

Developing cross-cultural relationships to serve the needs of marginalized communities and help families have a better life. 

Fellowship of Churches, Leader: Pastor Eddie Jacks

Provides Christ-Centered training to equip local pastors through an annual conference.

For the Culture by J, Director: Janaria McIntosh (Ms. J.)

Helping kids build self-esteem and confidence to simply feel good about themselves.

Hope Unlimited, Executive Director, Rita Carr

Reaching single parent families with the Gospel to inspire them to live a godly lifestyle to influence the next generation.

Reach One Teach One, Director Reginald Yearby

Providing educational programming, leadership training, and service to empower

and inspire at risk youth to become leaders.

Second Missionary Services – Project Success, Director Deborah Maddox

Nurturing youth through seminars, hands-on training, and field trips to develop

potential and teach them to set personal life goals. 

Vision of Mercy, Directors: Markill and Diane Moore

Restoring hope and dignity to those who are altered by conflict and disaster by providing help and encouragement. 

Young Ladies of Power, Founder/Director Joyce Watson

Enriching the lives of girls by building their self-worth and confidence while broadening their outlooks on life. Sharing God’s Goodness, a community-wide effort of unity, is hosted by The Generosity Trust, a local community foundation that empowers Christian Generosity. Members give a minimum of $50 a month for a year and are encouraged to renew their membership annually.  For more information contact The Generosity Trust at 423-266-5257.