Modeling Association of America International coming to Chattanooga


Nonprofit joining forces with local agency, Elite Fashions

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – The Modeling Association of America International (MAAI) is coming to Chattanooga,TN, setting up a new regional location at 1730 Brainerd Rd. In light of the new opening, the 501(c)(6) nonprofit is also celebrating 62 years of operation.

The Chattanooga office will conduct regional planning and recruiting for talented models and entertainers. Wiley Morton, current president and regional MAAI executive, will manage the local office. Morton is the co-founder of Elite Fashions Unlimited, a local modeling and talent agency, established 44 years ago with co-owners, Juanita Ulmer, Kista Collier, Clearance Seay, Verlene Brown, Shirley Jones, Jackie Crawley, Lafredia Hasilerg, and the late Gary James.

At the new location, there will be interviews, casting calls and international, national and regionally coordinated events. Agents from Atlanta will periodically make appearances to conduct casting calls for competitive models and talent.

Each year, MAAI hosts their annual convention, whereby casting calls take place in New York and Florida. MAAI’s 2022 convention will be themed in celebration of its 62th year in New York, the second week in July.

Local agencies, schools, fashion designers, photographers and interested participants may become a member of MAAI, a requirement to participate in annual events. The annual Modeling, Fashion and Acting Festival (MFA) casting call will be held April 24 at Chattanooga Convention and Trade Center on Carter Street. Anyone ages 5 and older are encouraged to attend. Those in attendance may qualify to participate on a national platform. MFA Fest is designed like no other, with top local artists will be branded by local fashion designers, and featuring live displays by local models.

Elite Fashions as an agency regional office of MAAI, is recruiting talent for international recognition. The goal is not only entertainment, but giving back to the community. Also, to provide real agency connection, a wealth of knowledge, and a tri-state tour to share the love of collaboration in other communities, while benefiting a great cause.

A portion of the proceeds will be used to establish a grassroots foundation for talented ex-offenders and scholars in transition.

For more information about MAAI, visit, or Elite Fashions at