Local Youth to Get Hands-on Experience in Music Production through New Partnership with the City, Dynamo Studios, and Chattanooga Hip-hop Collective TheHouse


Middle- and high school- students will participate in a two-day master class with renowned Chattanooga artists and producers, including YGTUT

Chattanooga, Tenn. (July 20, 2022) — Thanks to a new partnership between the city, Dynamo Studios, and the professional hip-hop collective TheHouse, select local middle- and high- school students will have the opportunity to work with and learn from some of Chattanooga’s most talented hip hop artists and producers during a two-day master class.

Scheduled for July 25 and July 26, at the Chattanooga library’s world-class recording studio, the master class will allow young musicians to work alongside high-level artists to create and record their own music in a truly hands-on experience.

“I want to thank Dynamo Studios and all of the talented artists at TheHouse who have come together to create such a unique, motivational opportunity for young and upcoming musicians in our community,” said Mayor Tim Kelly. “Partnerships like these are critical to reaching youth where they are to help them develop the healthy skills, relationships, and values they need for long-term success.”

Composed of Chattanooga artists and producers YGTUT, Isaiah Rashad, Michael Da Vinci, Chris P, and Shoey Russell, TheHouse is a leader in the local and national hip-hop community, landing contracts for their artists with some of the most acclaimed record labels in the world. Under their leadership and direction, master class participants will receive instruction in music production, audio engineering, songwriting, and musicianship, ultimately leaving with new skills and original recorded music they can bring to the community.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with the youth in Chattanooga,” said YGTUT. “Coming up, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for us to meet the people that we looked up to or work with the people we aspire to be like. I just want to be able to give the kids something we never had. My goal for this program is to leave a positive impact on our youth, and show them that if I can do it, then you can do it too.”

Dynamo Studios, a local non-profit organization that empowers students through innovative and educational experiences in music production and the arts, selected the 10 students who are participating in the master class based on their distinct passion and talent for creating music. 

Earlier this month, Mayor Tim Kelly announced his intention to invest $200,000 in American Rescue Plan funds in a complementary initiative led by Dynamo Studios, which would create a mobile music production lab to provide quality music and media production programming for multiple community centers and trusted community spaces. Funding is contingent upon City Council approval. 

“We’re thrilled to be able to help invest in our city’s young people by teaching them creative skills that they will carry with them through their lives,” said Kessler Cuffman, executive director of Dynamo Studios. “I’m humbled to be given the privilege of activating the love of learning in our community’s students, and I’m thankful to Mayor Kelly, our supporters, and our board for their steadfast support.”