Local author and literary coach announces the release of her new book ‘Scarry Stories’

Local author and literary coach announces the release of her new book 'Scarry Stories'
Local author and literary coach announces the release of her new book 'Scarry Stories'

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -– Local author, publishing coach, speaker and creative strategist Laura Bester Brown has announced the launch of her new anthology, Scarry Stories: Tales from the Healed Side of Brokenness.

The virtual book launch–hosted by WTVC News Channel 9 morning show co-anchor and reporter Greg Funderburg–will take place on Dec. 19, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. 

“In the book, 16 diverse writers share stories that bear the markings of various wounds,” Coach Laura, as she’s widely known, explains. “Whether it’s from an abrasive relationship, a puncturing rape, a lacerative murder, the incision of insanity, an amputation by death, or other wound entry points, the scars remain to tell their stories. They whisper their pains, shout their victories, and leave roadmaps as evidence of the healing process.”

As an Air Force veteran and a military spouse, Coach Laura has traveled the world. She’s a native of Toledo, Ohio, but makes her home in Chattanooga.

Coach Laura created and coaches the Serious Writers’ Accountability Training (S.W.A.T.) Camp and the Wells of Truth Peer-Based Bible Group, as well as the 4-P Puzzle for Success Workshop–designed to help attendees discover their purpose, realize their untapped potential, understand and maximize the strengths of their personality, and create a viable plan for reaching their goals.

Through her training, she has guided more than 75 authors to create literary legacies and obtain publishing success.

Besides Coach Laura, other Scarry Stories contributing authors include: Monica Allen, Camm Ashford, Emily H. Blackmon, Lisa “LJ” Crawford, Donna Green, Asharoc Hamadou-Anjunwa, Colin and Sharifa Louis, Cheryl A. McCullough, Janicqua Moss, Nikki Nicholson, Sophie Cheyenne Ramirez, Mikayla Sanders, Shymayne, Kimberly Smith and Violet.

This is the second anthology Coach Laura has recently compiled, having released Voices from the Edge earlier this year. But she said she is particularly excited about Scarry Stories because of how its contributers courageously and transparently share their real-life poems and stories, revealing to the world their emotional wounds and trauma. 

“I still bear a scar under my chin from an injury 45 years ago,” Coach Laura shared. “Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process. Just like flesh wounds, emotional scar tissue will look and feel different than our ‘pre-wounded’ selves. As you read our Scarry Stories, consider your own wounds, the scars that remain and the Scarry Stories they contain. Be thankful and see the beauty of your scars and remember, there is no healing without scarring.”

To attend the free virtual book launch, access: https://eventsframe.com/e/udhWn7b0s/scarry-stories-virtual-book-launch-party/.

For additional information, call (423) 758-5056.