Happy Father’s Day, Daddy

Rev. (Dr.) Andrew J. Bullard, Jr.
November 3, 1933 – June 21, 2013

“Ain’t God All Right!”

This is our father.
With nine children, he worked multiple jobs to provide for us so that we never felt poor. He put his own education on hold and made incredible sacrifices so that we could have a future. He taught us simple values: love family, attend school every day, do our homework, go to college, be good citizens, do honest work, respect others and earn their respect, lead but also follow, love the Lord and honor Him with service.

This is the man who loved our mother, Peggie Sadler Bullard, and shared 58 years with her.

Every child doesn’t get a great father. We know we were blessed.

We love you today and always, Daddy.
The Bullard Children
Edna, Ernest, Justino, Joaquin, Yolander,
Anthony, Rev. Andrew III, Rev. Alexander, Sr., Mamie