EPB Fiber Optics notifies subscribers of TV rate increase


Chattanooga, TN (Feb. 18, 2022) – As TV content providers continue to drive up rates, the cost of subscriptions from TV distributors is going up across the nation including here in Chattanooga.  While passing along price increases it cannot absorb, EPB Fiber Optics also announced its continuing commitment to helping customers find their best TV value whether that means switching to the latest EPB Fi TV without set top boxes, subscribing to TV streaming services or a combination of both.

Effective April 1, the price of EPB Fi TV packages will increase by $2 for Bronze Channels, $4 for Silver Channels and $5 for Gold Channels. This is an average increase of 2.9% per customer. The increase does not impact pricing for any other services. Unlike some providers, the price for EPB Fi-Speed Internet remains the same—without increases since EPB launched the service in 2009. Pricing also remains the same for premium channels, equipment rentals and Fi Phone. Bundle discounts for taking two or more fiber optic services still apply. As always, EPB pricing is simple by design with no contracts, hidden fees, data limits or speed throttling.

“Like traditional TV providers and some of the streaming services that have recently announced price increases, we’ve seen charges from TV content providers skyrocket each year for more than a decade,” said David Wade, EPB President & CEO. “As in previous years, we’re reducing the impact for our customers as much as possible by ensuring that this increase is just enough to cover the additional costs we must pass along. We’re also standing by to help customers find their best TV value with several options to help them save.”

EPB is offering multiple ways to help customers minimize or avoid the impact of TV rate increases.

Many EPB TV customers can eliminate monthly set top box rental fees while keeping their same channels by switching to the latest EPB Fi TV which offers advanced features like Restart, Replay, On Demand and Unlimited DVR. The latest EPB Fi TV service works with popular streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV that many customers already own. This service gives customers the flexibility to watch live television and recordings on TVs, tablets or smart phones anytime, anywhere.

EPB customers can also find substantial savings by using EPB MyBundle, a free service that helps them cut the cord and find the content they love using TV streaming services which give people more control and flexibility to subscribe to TV content they want and stop paying for unwanted channels. 

Since launching EPB MyBundle, which allows customers to comparison shop streaming services and find their best value, EPB has helped many customers save hundreds of dollars per year—some save more than $1,000 annually. 

Customers interested in learning more about how EPB can help them find the content they want at the best value are invited to contact EPB’s local, award-winning, anytime customer service at (423) 648-1372 or http://epb.com/mybundle.