“Coming To Your House” – In the Huddle



(Luke 19:10, NIV)

For the SON of MAN came to seek and to save the lost.


In Luke 19, out of a large crowd of people, JESUS called out Zacchaeus by name, a dishonest and despised tax collector, stating that HE wanted to meet with him at his house. It’s interesting that JESUS passed by all the religious people and went right to the most notorious sinner in the crowd. It shows you the heart of GOD. HE was saying, “I know all your weaknesses, failures, and cheating ways, and I’ve come to save you.” You may think you’ve made so many mistakes and have so much negative baggage that GOD won’t have anything to do with you. No, GOD is calling your name. HE will seek out the one person who most people have written off. HE looks beyond the mistakes, beyond the failures, beyond what we pretend to be. No matter what you’ve done, HE never writes you off. HE’ll help you change where you couldn’t change before. Salvation is coming, breakthroughs, deliverance, restoration, healing, favor, the fullness of your destiny.


FATHER, thank YOU that in YOUR heart is a constant purpose to seek and save people like me. Thank YOU that YOU see beyond what I have been to what I can become, and YOU come to my house with the gift of salvation and help me change. Welcome to my house. In JESUS’ Name, Amen.