75th Birthday Gala!

The phenomenal Riverside High School Class of 1966 celebrated their 75th BIRTHDAYS last Saturday Night at the Chattanooga Convention Center. The grand occasion was highlight with thankfulness for the Class to be joined by one of their former dedicated teachers, Ms. Anne Cannon Davis, (seated 5th from right)...... and she was looking Grreat! Class President Wilma McClure Brown is seated far left. (Photo contributed by Dr. Angel Ulmer)

A CELEBRATION OF AGE– Members of the Riverside High School Class of 1966 were the school’s first three-year graduating class. Last Saturday at the Chattanooga Convention Center, the former students collectively celebrated their 75th birthdays as well as the 57th Anniversary of their high school graduation: sophomore – junior – senior years: 1963 – 1966.

During the presentation of the history of Riverside’s Class of 1966, John Edwards, III, class historian, reflected “the first 3-year graduating class is generally the class that establishes the character of that school.  We are that class!”

Few realize that Riverside’s first basketball team placed 2nd in the (TN) State Championship, setting the stage for future teams to come.  And the Riverside Trojans were widely recognized for their 1968, 69 and 71 Basketball State Championships.

The Riverside Class of 1966, with a graduating class of 300+, are among leading and productive individuals, and not just in our city and country but also world-wide!  Class members’ achievements include breaking color lines as elected officials and a Commissioner; we are Judges, Community leaders, Academicians, Ministers, Lawyers, Support Staffers, Hospital Administrators, Publishers, Medical Professionals, and an Academy Award winning actor, to name a few.

We are that first 3-year graduating class that established the character of Riverside High School!  We are the Mighty TROJANS of the Class of 1966!

Additional reflections included Class Motto: I Am the Master of My Fate; I am the Captain of my Soul; Class Flower was carnation and class colors are gold and white and Riverside School Colors: BLUE and GOLD! 2023 Class Officers for Riverside Class of 1966 are President: Wilma McClure Brown; Vice President: Patricia Woods Suttle; Secretary: Breanda Seay Shelton; Treasurer: Dr. Sarah Edwards Broadnax; Assistant Treasurer/Historian: John L. Edwawrds, III; Business Manager: Louise Sadie Pruitt; Assistant Business Manager: Maude Green Hambright; Chaplain: Andrew Ragland.