Hamilton County Property Taxes are Due–Are You Taking Advantage of Relief Programs?

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If you’re a homeowner or a property owner in Hamilton County–whether in a municipality like Chattanooga, East Ridge, Red Bank, or others–or in the unincorporated area, February is not only known for Black History celebrations or Valentine’s Day. It’s also the month our property taxes are due.

Yes, the adage is true–two things are for certain–death and taxes. But are you eligible for property tax relief administered to those who meet criteria set by state law?

In Hamilton County Trustee Bill Hullander’s office, terrific men and women serve essentially as our county government’s bank. One of their responsibilities is to receive our property tax payments.

Trustee Hullander’s office also assists with some good news for vulnerable populations who qualify because of either their age or disability status, which are income-based, or their service to Americans in the US Military which resulted in a permanent disability, which is viewed as sacrifice-based.

Tennessee property owners who are 65 years of age and older or have a status of permanently and total disabled are eligible if they meet income qualifications for relief on the property that is their primary residence. The maximum income allowed to receive property tax relief is $31,600 for tax year 2022, to be filed in 2023.

Men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces, or their surviving spouses, have no income limitations but must be deemed by the Veterans Administration to have a permanent and complete disability that is service related. This benefit is also extended to the surviving spouse of the Veteran.

For those who believe this Tennessee program may apply to you, visit the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office website to review the qualifying criteria. Also understand there are caps for both programs, meaning that for both, the elderly/disabled tax relief program and the disabled Veteran tax relief program, there are limits to the values of homes that qualify for relief beyond the income limit.

If, after reviewing this information, you believe you are eligible, continue to read information presented in the form of answering the most often asked questions that involve the amount of relief possible, whether the program applies to more than one parcel of property, and information about participating each year, for example.

In 2021, more than $41 million in Tennessee tax relief was provided to our seniors, our most vulnerable, and to our disabled Veterans from more than 150,000 applicants. These programs are intended to assist Tennesseans who live on a fixed income to remain in their homes, as home values increase and prices for daily essentials increase.

If you have additional questions or want to apply after you see that you meet eligibility criteria, visit the Hamilton County Trustee Office, which has two locations to serve you–on the second floor of the county courthouse at 625 Georgia Avenue or off Bonnie Oaks Drive at 6125 Preservation Drive.

Check out the brochure for the programs. You may find relief!