We believe the truly stylish do not need to conform to the “normal.”

Our style is timeless and memorable

BROOKLYN, NY, December 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — “I fell in love with the hand feel of a sewing technique called “hand smocking” while I was living in Italy and I wanted to use it to make shoes,” says Bryan Pettus, founder of B. Pettus: The Collection. “When I arrived back to the states, I continued to research the technique and decided to write a U.S. patent to use the technique on footwear.” We use high quality materials made with our unique hand smocking technique and combine it with modern footwear manufacturing to produce timeless designs. This decorative stitching technique gathers material to make it hang in folds. The result is an elegant pattern of soft, puffed and folded ridges that stands as a hallmark for the brand. “I also drew influence from a story I read while in Italy about an old-school opera singer who died during World War II. She died trying to retrieve her jewels from her home after leaving the safety of a bomb shelter.”

Our footwear technicians are experienced in the luxury footwear market and pride themselves on craftsmanship. For our high-quality footwear, we have chosen to use memory foam socks in all of the styles to provide personalized comfort that molds to your feet.

Other features include:

• Leather lining

• Leather outsoles 

• Handmade Embroidery

B. Pettus: The Collection is currently fundraising through our Kickstarter Campaign and we are offering up to 20% off the retail price for backing our campaign until December 28, 2022. To learn more about the company, please view our Kickstarter page.

To keep making this business viable and my dream a reality, I am asking for you to support my Kickstarter campaign by placing an order for your favorite style by December 28, 2022. If you are not able to support in that way, please share on Facebook and Instagram to spread the word.

ABOUT THE FOUNDER: Detroit native, NYC-based African American designer Bryan B. Pettus has many years of real-world experience in shoe factories all over the world. He studied footwear design in Florence, Italy at Polimoda.

Bryan’s portfolio includes Steve Madden, Camuto Group, and Karl Lagerfeld, amongst many others. Bryan built a personal relationship with one of the Indian factory owners while they studied together in Florence, Italy. This special relationship with the factory owner will ensure a smooth production process for the brand during this campaign and beyond.