Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts Presents: “Epic Proportions”

Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts
Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts "Epic Proportions" cast members.

Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts (CCA) Acting Department will present “Epic Proportions” March 4, 5, and 12 at 7 p.m. in the Sandra Black Theater, 1301 Dallas Rd.

“Epic Proportions” tells the story of brothers Benny and Phil, who find themselves working as extras in the spectacular Biblical epic film Exuent Omnes, which means “Everybody Out.” All 3,400 extras on the fantastical D.W. DeWitt film are supervised by Louise Goldman, who tries to keep everything and everyone in line, despite there being only two bathrooms.

Hijinks ensue: Benny and Phill both fall in love with and fight to the death for Louise; DeWitt locks himself in the pyramid, refusing to complete the movie; the bumbling crew tries to part the Red Sea on the side, and everything falls apart–including the Trojan horse. Ultimately, they must all work together to survive the desert heat and try to complete something they’ll all be proud of.

CCA acting teacher Tripp Pettigrew, who directs “Epic Proportions,” said the slap-stick comedy is perfect for raising spirits at this late date in the COVID pandemic.

“‘Epic’ was the only play I could think of wanting to direct at this time,” the first year teacher explained. “Everything right now feels so heavy, divided and important with a capital I. My hope is that you’ll leave the Sandra Black with a smile on your face, having forgotten about anything that troubles you. The kids in the show have learned to handle comedy beautifully and they surprise me with their antics daily.”

“Epic Proportions” has a run time of approximately 1 hour 50 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission. The show stars Carter McKissick, Delaney Barclay and Tilleigh Nazor-Comer as Benny, Phil and Louise.

The ensemble cast includes Alisha Armstrong, Story Bumgardner, Landon Greene, Avery Hampton, Cori Hartman, Annabel Hudgins, Aiden Jackson, Luis Lopez, Lucy Martin, Sam Mazurek, Kamara Morris, Jenna Moss, Aidan Patterson, Je’annyia Phillips, Layla Rice, Fields Thomas, Winter Tutor and Olivia Williams.

For tickets and more information, contact Tripp Pettigrew at or visit

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