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(NAPSI)–Students across the country are heading back to in-person learning, after a year or more of remote pandemic learning. As many schools re-open, the demand for extra help in math for students is growing.

Supplemental online tutoring is a great option, as many parents struggle to find help for their children. Online tutoring provides a safe, proven and easy option for students to learn from anywhere, anytime and at their own pace. 

What you should know…

Here are three common questions and answers about online tutoring that your family may find useful:

1. Is your child struggling with math homework this year? Do you feel they would just like some extra help? As families navigate the school year, many discover that their children struggle to keep up with their math homework. For some children, this was true even before the pandemic. 

To help, there’s a personalized math and coding tutoring service helping students succeed and build foundational skills. Called Cuemath, it follows U.S. Common Core standards and is accredited by The service offers live and engaging one-on-one online sessions. 

2. Are you worried about the cost of a tutor? To take the added stress of cost out of the equation, Cuemath’s new initiative, “One Billion Math Minds,” offers access to a guided math curriculum and exercises at no cost to qualifying K-12 students. This initiative, in addition to assisting students, will help shrink the math learning equity and access gaps in the United States by providing a no-cost solution to many families. 

3. How does it work? Cuemath combines adaptive and visual learning techniques, designed with input from math experts at Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). It’s been used by more than 200,000 students across 20-plus countries, giving students not only extra help but foundational math skills. Children who are interested in coding will get a foundation into this important and growing sector and can begin to develop a path towards a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

To qualify for free access, students can sign up for a free Basic Cuemath membership. This includes access to a curated curriculum, math worksheets and interactive visual learning exercises. 

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