Statement on Mass Shooting in Buffalo, NY



Anger and disbelief are the first two words and emotions that come to mind as I watch countless hours of coverage about the cowardly acts of one domestic terrorist that have forever changed the lives of 10 families and their community, our community. 

It’s clear that racism and the rise of white supremacy groups in America will continue to threaten the way of life for all of us whose skin is not a certain color. When will the hatred stop? When will the fear of punishment begin to deter individuals from committing such heinous acts?

Unfortunately, I do not have the answers to any of these questions, but I am hopeful that by working together to understand the value of our differences in this dynamic world, instead of allowing those differences to build barriers and manifest hatred, we will one day be able to eclipse hate with love. Love for our family, friends, neighbors, and strangers alike.

Therefore, our programming in our communities around education, economic empowerment, social justice engagement and mentoring is more important now than ever before.  The work of Phi Beta Sigma men must be felt in every corner of our neighborhoods around the world.

But, today, in the aftermath of a different reality, we stand in solidarity with our Brothers in Buffalo, New York as they support the victims and families impacted by the mass shooting at Tops Friendly Market on May 14, 2022. We pray for strength and healing for each person who has been impacted by these horrible events in Buffalo and countless cities around the nation.

I’ve instructed our International Social Action Director, Bro. Malwan Johnson to work with our Social Action leaders throughout the fraternity to help craft an engagement strategy that all chapters and brothers will be able to get behind as we continue to deal with the rise in violent crimes and gun violence in our communities.  

Brothers, let us stand unified and pray for peace for the families and the victims.  We must BELIEVE in our collective power and be the change agents for our communities deserve.  

In Truth and Service,

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Chris V. Rey, J.D.

International President