Prayer in Schools – Please Do This More

Bess T. Shepherd Elementary

“Excorcism” was the term used by the person who posted the YouTube video capturing the prayer being broadcast from the public address system at the Bess T. Shepherd Elementary School, located off Tyner Road, according to Chattanooga’s Local3 News.

Take 120 seconds and watch this video of faculty fervently praying without awareness that the external speakers were broadcasting their before-school meeting. Every parent in every school should pray for teachers, principals, and school leadership who care enough to assemble daily before school and pray protection around their school, the children they’ll touch through their profession during the day, and for the guidance from God’s Hand as Creator and Provider.

But, as we know, it’s a free country to silence those whose voices offend. And, based on the original posting of this video, it was taken and posted for the purpose of exposing behavior that offended someone and was deemed inappropriate.

Let’s see. In schools, parents are witnessing the teaching from some that humans born with XX (males) or XY (females) chromosomes can imagine themselves to be of another gender, even to the point that we “affirm” their confusion by allowing surgeries to cut off the breasts of teen girls and penises of boys.

In schools, teachers and parents are fearful of violence, including weapons, used by angry and isolated kids who aren’t taught how to resolve conflict and don’t see that process modeled in their homes, churches, or communities–much less their schools. Instead, we’re taught to fight back and settle scores, even to the point of silencing our critics. 

So, the person capturing this video–who appears to be a Caucasian male–is hearing what he believes, and has been taught by some, is offensive behavior. 

On Sunday mornings, in quite a few Houses of Prayer, as God has said He wants His church to be, this same type of behavior, thankfully, is heard. In many homes, and hopefully more homes, this type of behavior is heard as petitions are lifted with emotion to God the Father earnestly seeking Divine protection, favor, and guidance.

Thank You, God, that this is heard from the Bess T. Shepherd Elementary School from the hearts of women and men acknowledging their need of wisdom, a Divine covering, and a hope for the best from the children and faculty in that school.

Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and citizens, we should all pray these same utterances over our children, over our teachers, over our schools, and all institutions of this community. We should also hope and pray that more schools are having these moments of meaningful fellowship, commitment, and devotion to their ministry and calling of the licensed profession of teaching. 

Dr. Luke, in The Gospel, penned and recorded the words of Jesus Christ, “And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.” Blessed, indeed. Pray more!

Preview YouTube video Prayer broadcasted over intercom at a Chattanooga elementary school caught on video.