“Mistakes Don’t Define You” – In the Huddle



(Mark 16:6–7, NLT)

…but the angel said, “Don’t be alarmed. You are looking for JESUS of Nazareth, who was crucified. HE isn’t here! HE is risen from the dead!… Now go and tell HIS disciples, including Peter, that JESUS is going ahead of you to Galilee.”


When JESUS was on trial before HIS crucifixion, Peter denied that he knew JESUS three times. Peter was so bitterly disappointed in himself, so ashamed of being a coward. Soon after that, they crucified JESUS. Peter never had the chance to tell HIM he was sorry. He had to live with the guilt. But when three women found JESUS’S tomb was empty, an ANGEL told them to go tell HIS disciples and Peter that HE was alive. The only disciple specifically pointed out was Peter. GOD was showing us, “I don’t define you by your mistakes. I don’t cancel your destiny because you’ve failed.” And fifty days later, it was Peter who gave the inaugural message that birthed the CHURCH. You may have made mistakes and failed, as Peter did, but you have to learn to forgive yourself. Quit remembering what GOD has forgiven and forgotten. HIS mercy is bigger than any mistake you’ve made. GOD is saying, “Get back in the game. You can still do what I called you to do.”


FATHER, thank YOU that when I make mistakes and fail that YOUR mercy still covers me. Thank YOU that YOU forgive and forget my sins the moment that I ask YOU. I am saying good-bye to the guilt and the shame of the past and believing YOU have something awesome in my future. In JESUS’ Name, Amen.