Is It Possible to Come Off Medicines by Changing Your Diet and Activity?

Start shopping as if you’re stocking a “Farmacy,” not a pharmacy. Choose nutrition-packed fruits and vegetables over sugars, salt and low-nutritionally valued foods.

By Robin Smith 

Is it possible to come off medications by changing your diet and activity?

The simple answer is, “yes!” for some. 

We should never take a prescription medication without speaking to our physician or healthcare provider about the benefits and risks. But we can always make decisions to eat healthier and have activity that makes measurable differences in our lives. 

Heredity is one of the greatest contributing factors to our health. Accept that fact, but also understand that our behaviors are very influential. Think of your body as a vehicle which serves a valuable purpose, exerts great energy and engages in tremendous productivity. Looking at it that way, your vehicle (body) will reflect the treatment and attention paid to its condition.

If your car never had its oil changed, never had the right kind of gasoline in its tank and obvious needed repairs or recommendations were ignored, its performance and life of use would reflect its treatment.

Now, think of how you treat your own vehicle, the one created by our Creator and given to us to steward. We can’t change our heredity. But we can certainly make decisions that impact our eating habits and our activity level.

Activity levels have been reduced as we remain glued to our screens. Get up. Walk. Stand instead of remaining seated. 

What we put into our bodies is a great offender. Most everything we consume these days comes in a sack, a wrapper or high in taste and low in nutritional value. Blood sugar and blood pressure are impacted by sugars, salt and low-nutritionally valued foods.

A canned, sugared soft drink has up to the equivalent of 10 packets of sugar in each. Stop drinking sugared sodas. Drink “zero” calorie offerings, if you have to have a “Coke,” or fruit punch alternatives with no sugar. 

Sugar in foods doesn’t just come from the use of granular sugar. White potatoes, pastas, boxed cereals and loaf bread that doesn’t feature high whole grain content turn very quickly into sugar by your body’s engine, spiking your blood sugar. 

Choose whole grains in your pastas and breads and, when possible, shop the perimeter of most stores where the fresh fruits are available, and the fresh grains and breads in the deli and bakery are presented. 

The Farmer’s Almanac lists the 10 healthiest and nutrition-packed fruits and vegetables one should grow and consume. Leading the pack is broccoli, considered a nutrition superstar that fights cancer. Another green veggie that usually tastes better cooked with something else or mixed in a smoothie, is kale, which is a boost to bone health and strength. Garlic and onions, bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, blueberries and strawberries complete the list of must-eat foods.

As always, fresher is better, followed by frozen. Avoiding high salt and preservative content makes a huge difference. Start shopping as if you’re stocking a “Farmacy,” not a pharmacy.

So, yes! Treat your body better by consuming powerhouse foods and fueling your engine to move a little more. You’ll enjoy the benefits of small decisions.