“Blessed In The Breaking” – In the Huddle



(Matthew 14:19, NLT)

JESUS took the five loaves and two fish, looked up toward heaven and bless them. Then, breaking the loaves into pieces, HE gave the bread to the disciples, who distributed this to the people


When JESUS was about to feed a multitude of thousands of people, “HE broke the loaves” and the bread was multiplied. Notice the blessing was in the breaking. The more HE broke the bread, the more it multiplied and fed a tremendous multitude, with basketfuls of leftovers.
There are times in life when we feel broken. We have broken dreams or a broken heart. When you feel broken, don’t get bitter and give up on your dreams. This brokenness is not the end; this is a sign GOD is about to multiply. The more broken you are, the more GOD is going to increase you. The bigger the disappointment, the bigger the blessing. The more they hurt you, the more HE’s going to reward you. The brokenness may have been meant to stop you, but if you stay in faith, GOD is going to use this to bless you. The hurt you feel is real, but the truth is the hurt feeling is only temporary and is setting you up for GOD to increase you.


FATHER, thank YOU for YOU are able to take the broken pieces of my life and transform them into blessings. Thank YOU for I can bring the hurts and disappointments to YOU knowing YOU are going to use them to increase me. I believe for basketfuls of leftovers in my life. In JESUS’ Name, Amen