Chronicle to Transition to Bi-weekly Print Schedule  


By Camm Ashford  

The Chattanooga News Chronicle, the city’s only African American-owned weekly newspaper, has announced it is pivoting to a bi-weekly print and circulation schedule with a renewed focus on digital content. The transition is effective June 1. 

Advertisers and readers will still be able to view the Chronicle anytime online, at no cost, at News content and advertisements will be continuously updated on the website.  

The Chronicle underwent a complete digital makeover in 2022, with a new website and other digital channels to come, to provide immediacy and the convenience of online news. 

“However, the print edition is still core to the company’s mission, since many longtime readers prefer the printed page”, said John L. Edwards III, Chronicle founder and president.  

“As much as we would love to continue bringing our readers a weekly print paper, we know that this is the best path forward for the future,” Edwards said. ”Our print publication schedule is changing, but our commitment to making sure that we are here to continue serving the community has not.” 

Edwards noted that significant print and production increases, inflation and supply-chain issues have been driving costs through the roof not only for the Chronicle, but for publications across the country. 

Next month’s print and circulation schedule for the Chronicle will be June 2, 16 and 30.  

The Chattanooga News Chronicle, formally the Chattanooga Courier,  was founded in 1990 by John L. Edwards III, who was later joined by his wife Faith, and son Adrian.  Together they have made personal sacrifices for the past 32 years to insure that news in the African American community be reported on in a positive and encouraging manner.  

The Edwards family has been a driving force for shining a spotlight on justice and equality through the Chattanooga News Chronicle. Over the years, the paper has earned a high level of respect and numerous awards for writing and publishing the stories that challenge and confront racism and injustice.  Going forward the Chronicle will look to offer opinions in both a liberal and conservative perspective to include the wider community.