Memphis novelist Beverly Ann Morris to hold book signings in Chattanooga 


On Feb. 3 and 4, acclaimed Memphis author Beverly Ann Morris will be holding a book signing in Chattanooga for her novels “Tennessee Secrets” and “No Matter What.” 

The book signing events will take place at the Westin Chattanooga during the Mayor’s Council for Women Statewide Policy Conference.

Morris said a devoted group of her followers are responsible for the upcoming book signing events in Chattanooga. 

“I have quite a few followers that are in book clubs,” she explained. “And a young lady here in Memphis told me about some ladies that had a book club in Chattanooga, and that she was going to give them my information. And she did. They set up a Zoom book club meeting, and that’s where they told me about the conference in Chattanooga.”

Morris said she loves telling a story that captures the readers’ emotions. In her latest novel, “No Matter What,” she captivates the reader with a storyline that is both impassioned and relatable.

“‘No Matter What’ is a dramatic novel of interlocking relationships,” Morris explains. “It makes some readers take a look at a past or present circumstance and think of someone they know that could be called a ‘no matter what’ or ask themselves, ‘Am I a no matter what?”‘

Written in 2012, “Tennessee Secrets” is a romantic novel about several women and one man, all from different walks of life, who are interconnected by mysteries and secrets in the Volunteer State. 

Morris credits her mother for her love of writing.

“It kind of dawned on me recently that maybe I inherited this telling stories from my mom,” Morris recalled. “My mom told all of us, there’s eight siblings, she told us stories all the time. And we as adults, older now, still remember those stories. Those stories were taught to us, as well as to our children and grandchildren. So, I guess it’s just in me. Telling stories is just an enjoyment.”

Morris is currently working on a sequel to “Secrets in Tennessee.”